Larissa Oliveira is a photographer based in Ireland.

Born and raised in Brazil, Larissa discovered her passion for photography when she first moved to Ireland. As a stranger in the city she began to familiarise herself with the new culture by taking photographs on her mobile phone. Before long she had purchased her first DSLR and over time this blossomed into a strong desire to become a Professional Photographer.

Passionate for people and fashion, Larissa had her first photoshoot in 2018 for Umoja, which is an Afro-centric fashion brand that aspires to promote African culture through a diverse range of products. Larissa was responsible for setting up the photoshoot and directing the models to ensure the poses reflected the brand identity.

Through this project, Larissa wanted to further improve her skills in the photography process and start to develop her own style. So, she attended a diploma course at the Photography Academy of Ireland in Dublin.

During the course, she began an internship at Galway Now, a monthly magazine that promotes local and international fashion products. Larissa was responsible for organising photoshoots for different clients and also photographing fashion and social events. These photographs would subsequently  appear in the magazine when it was published.
Lately, she has been working on smaller projects in fashion and commercial business, that gives her more creative freedom and builds lasting relationships with business clients.

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